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«Evolet» from the Scandinavian language means “promise of life” – these words are the best characterization of our company. This promise is our actual responsibility, which we take to the future of this World and to all of you. From the very beginning of foundation, our first priority was taking care of the health of Humanity.










Year 1991

Medicines delivery to the countries of the Central Asia  

01 января 1992
01 января 2000

Year 2000

Formation of the  Evolet Pharmaceutical Holding

Year 2011

Full range of services in the pharmaceutical industry

01 января 2011
01 января 2013

Year 2013

Expansion to the countries of the Southeast Asia

Year 2017

Own medicines manufacturing factory in India for the inner market needs

01 января 2017

Brand Legend

In 1991, a team of professionals with fundamental knowledge and competence in the pharmaceutical industry entered the medicines supply market under the «Evolet» brand. Accumulated experience in manufacturing, outsourcing and marketing of pharmaceutical products, innovative approach of managing and optimizing business processes gave us a power to conquer the market and become a symbol of healthy lifestyle in more than 20 countries in less than a quarter of century. 

We maintain strong partnership with leading manufacturers, gradually increasing our range of competencies. By 2011 this allowed us to cover almost full range of services in pharmaceutical industry.

Brand Logo

Evolutionary – The development of scientific activity using long-term experience in pharmacological researches has provided Evolet a unique and modern approach to ensure the quality of medicines.

Versatile – Our versatile experience opens up great opportunities for partners and customers: to launch their products on the markets even in remote regions, and to promote them with the use of well-established communication channels.

Outsourcing – Providing centralized management of the pharmaceutical industry, allowing partners to focus on their competencies , while our team of professionals is in charge of manufacturing and marketing.

Logistics – Established distribution channels for timely delivery allow us to reduce production cycles and storage space.

Experience – Years of experience in the field of global pharmaceutical marketing research, product registration, product promotion and sales management, competence in the development and production of pharmaceuticals, which we are ready to share with our partners and customers.

Together – We grow together with partners, offering individual solutions for building business processes, developing and improving technologies

Brand Slogan

The slogan – “Faith in a healthy future” – is designed to reflect the mission of both the company itself and its employees, not only to heal, but also to form a careful attitude to healthcare. Focus on partnership not only with manufacturers, but also with the healthcare system as a whole, jointly seeking solutions that can best meet the needs of patients. By keeping and improving the traditional quality of products, we open for our partners huge opportunities for development in the pharmaceutical industry, and for consumers – the opportunity to purchase high-quality, effective and safe drugs at affordable prices.  We contribute for improving the quality of life and health of people around the world by remaining committed to the highest standards of ethics and responsibility for our partners and society.


  Astra house, Arklow Road, London SE14 6EB, UK




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