Our company is in the continuous development, inspired by new and creative ideas; we carefully approach the selection of personnel, because we need not just people, but motivated and faithful employees, ready to perform their work responsibly and in a timely manner. We understand: only teamwork is the key to our success.

All employees of the company are highly competent specialists with many years of experience in their field of activity who always work hard to bring the company benefits. Every day, responsibly carrying out their work, finding various intellectual solutions in the field of pharmaceuticals, researches, and marketing of products. Our employees are not only serious, but they are also not afraid to be courageous, brave and wise in looking for different ways of solving problems, by going beyond the ordinary standards. Every day, our employees around the world work with various specialists in such areas as healthcare, government agencies and local communities to maximize the availability of reliable assistance to every needy person.

We have been improving the lives of those who had relied on us for more than two decades!

Why you should work in EVOLET?

Well-known medicines that have changed the theory for the serious diseases treatment become available to our consumers resulted from the activity of the company.

For present day EVOLET represented 1360 employees working in 21 countries of the World, and currently more than 1200 drugs already have been registered.

Staff recruitment

Due to the continuous development of the company, staff are recruited throughout the year as vacancies are opened.

The primary requirement for candidates is graduated higher education, with the relevant experience, however it is desirable, but not always necessary.

Preference is given to educated, energetic candidates, motivated by an interesting job in an international company, professional growth and success.

Interested candidates can send their CV to:



  Astra house, Arklow Road, London SE14 6EB, UK




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